Wicked Walk 4/08/2015

To be perfectly honest I don’t recall the events leading up to my walk last Wednesday, April the 8th.  I just remember I walked late and my sister was with me.  Which was a little sad because I knew it would be the last time she joined me for a walk in quite some time, she is headed back to Wyoming, her home, after wintering in the south.

Here is what we saw.

walk fruitFRUIT!  On MY trees!  I was excited beyond words!  I planted them last January, covered them when it was cold, watered them when it was dry and fertilized them according to variety and diameter.  Oh, and my friend Amanda came over and pruned them for me because the very thought sent me into convulsions and even witnessing said pruning required a stiff drink.  It was like chopping off my child’s finger.

But hey, it worked!

walk fruitPeaches, plums, blueberries, blackberries and even an apple!

walk fruitThe pears and almonds did not produce anything yet but they will, they just need another year or two.  🙂

walk flowerI planted 2 kinds of blackberries, one blooms white and the other a pale pink……

walk flowerI’ve also been trying for several years to re-establish the bluebonnents we had when we first moved here.  My husband gets a little ‘mower happy’ each spring and wipes them out.  60 dollars and 2 years later I’m still trying to convince him to just leave a few for seed.  It has been long, hard work but here is the Texas state flower again in my yard…….

walk flowerEach time the mower cranks I run out to remind him “DON”T MOW THE BLUEBONNETS”.

Marriage is hard sometimes.

walk flowerThis pretty little vetch I don’t think you could kill if you tried.  It’s everywhere.

walk flowerAnd this is a weed.

walk butterflyAnd this is a butterfly.  For some reason it loved the muck around Rachel’s water trough.

walk addie and ritaAnd here are Addie and my sister, checking out a small treasure in the trail.

I love them both.

Thanks for walking with us today!

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