Wicked Walk 5/27/2015

Something AMAZING happened!  It stopped raining in Texas!  I’m sure most of you have heard on the news about the horrific flooding and winds causing damage and taking multiple lives in the Lone Star state.  While my home has been unaffected for the most part, other than some issues caused by wind and lightening, others have not been so lucky.  Matter of fact, the town of Jacksonville a mere 25 minutes away, where I was born and raised, suffered the loss of hundreds of giant oak and pecan trees just last week.  Their loss caused damage to homes, barns, fences and Lord knows what else.  I have a few pictures of some oak trees on the Tomato Bowl, the football stadium.  You can check them out on my Instagram account.  Several people I know still have no power though linemen from across the state are working hard to have it restored.  Anyway.  I was super thankful to be able to walk in the sunshine, knowing I had power to come home to.

Here is what I saw.

Before I even made it out of the yard this pretty little butterfly caught my eye. While the rains and weather have been awful for some things my yard has never looked better! Plus I have more time at home which means more time to weed, yay me!

But the flowers and butterflies were not limited to my yard, no indeed!

walk flowerCheck out the posture on the worm!  Now THAT is impressive my friend!

walk flowerThis little butterfly had matters of her own to tend too……

And on down the road I go.

walk road“Blue skies shining on me, nothing but blue skies do I see!”  And a few clouds, but no matter.

walk flowerHello pretty darling.

And then the flood.  Our creek is normally about 4-5 feet deep and can be hopped across.  Not these days.  It has crawled up the 8-10 foot bank and flowed into the surrounding woods…..

walk creekThere isn’t supposed to be any water here.

Or here.

walk creekOr any of these places either.


So many folks lost trees, I’m glad this giant is still standing.

walk treeMany others were not so fortunate.

But life goes on!

walk flowerPretty.

walk flowerI played creeper a few minutes…..

walk houseNobody lives here which is very sad but the family does come visit a few weekends every year.  But it won’t last much longer without a caretaker.

walk houseI could stay here a long, long time.  Admiring the bushes….

walk flowerThe yard out back…..

walk fieldBut I must walk home…..

walk treeThru the woods and over the mud puddles….

walk roadAnd right back into my own yard.  Where I started.

walk yardHave a great day everyone!  Thanks for walking with me today!


8 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 5/27/2015

  1. All of us in America take so much for granted! I pray all those affected can get their lives back to normal there in your beautiful state! I admire Texas and it’s people so much! The old porch on the house brings back soooo many memories of when I was a child as I grew up in these types of old houses and running miles on these types of porches chasing that butterfly or sometimes a girl even though they were yucky at that age! Haha! God bless you girl and your family!


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