I planted an apple tree.  The one, single apple fell off due to a worm.  I planted blueberry bushes.  The chickens ate every last one in their reach, leaving me about five.  I planted peaches and plums.  The deer not only knocked off the fruit and ate it but also stripped the lower 2/3 worth of leaves, breaking limbs in the process.  I planted mayhaws and a mimosa tree in the yard.  Rabbits raked them bare in one night.

I think God felt sorry for me.  ‘Cause look what I picked last night!

I guess the critters were all so busy destroying my other crops they let this one slip by.

Or it could be the 24.00 worth of Liquid Fence I sprayed around them.

Hey, nobody ever said farming was profitable on a small scale.  But is sure does taste good!


8 thoughts on “Berries

  1. Oh how I relate! I’m trying to finish a fence around my garden before the first corn ears, peas and beans appear to keep the eyes of the night out! Wascally wabbits have already eaten many leaves off my sweet tater plants! Where is Elmer Fudd when you need him? I have eaten maybe two blueberries off of my 6 bushes! Birds had the rest! Beautiful blackberries you have! Glad you got them to enjoy! Had some the other night with Cool Whip but they were from a friends garden!
    Don’t you wish the critter thieves would at least leave us a Thank You note! I had a pile of deer droppings near my garden the other night! I wonder if it was a hint that “we’re watching your stuff grow”? Oh “dear”!!


    • Up until now raccoons have always been my gardens worst enemy but thus year I didn’t grow anything expect some onions and peppers, those are doing okay. But that orchard, Lord I’ve worked hard on it. I was SO mad when I found all the broken limbs, grrrrr! A forest FULL of honeysuckle, wild berries and such and they come into my YARD. lol, such is life.


  2. The liquid fence did seem to work with the “wabbits” around my sweet taters but I’m spending like $30 a pound for a few taters! (:-((


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