I am known as a chicken who likes to fly the coop every so often, so when I had the chance to visit Austin for the weekend I jumped at the opportunity.  It wasn’t a traditional funky, weird Austin style get-away but fun just the same.  I played creeper in the night by taking pictures of an urban owl……


In his super-urban-cool owl house.

owl (2)

Not great quality, I know but it was dark and he was a good ways off, but look at those eyes!
The next morning while the people I was driving got ready for the 4-H horse show (the reason for our trip) I played creeper again only this time thru the people’s flower/cactus bed.  I don’t go to the city often, I hope I wasn’t too obvious.  Ha!plant
Is this not the coolest plant ever?!
I sipped some coffee from an adorable owl mug, a small homage to the previous evenings activities….
owl cup
…and continued creeping.

After more coffee and making friends with the pill bugs we went off to the show. I have decided this. 4-H events are pretty much the same no matter the city, state or country you are in. Therefore I felt right at home. First they had halter…..
show 1showribbon
Followed by English…..

And western at the end.

Like all good 4-H events it isn’t just about the ribbons, rules and places but about friends and skills that will last a lifetime.

I love 4-H.

2 thoughts on “Austin

  1. I love hearing the owls deep in the woods here! This one is neat & seems to be saying, “I don’t give a hoot about you and your pictures so just go away”!


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