A Post

This post is sad, this post is short, for my Dell has died with ‘nar a report.  This post has no pictures, this post is no fun, I’ll travel to my mom’s to write another one.  This post isn’t centered, I can’t seem to check, it’s written on my phone and I’m not a tech.  I’m traveling soon across the states to visit the Capitol and take a big break.  My camera I’ll tote, my computer I won’t, so this blog will be sitting, awaiting my return for I’ll have to go shopping and find another one.  I hate to go shopping, I don’t like many stores and the people in there make me nervous and bored.  I’d much rather lie in my hammock and read but that won’t be an option that day, not for me.  So off I go to my mom’s very soon, to choose a few pictures and pen a few posts for you my dear readers so you’ll know I’m not toast!  Unlike my computer, I’m feeling quite fine, looking forward to travel and sharing the sights so be patient with me in this technical lurch and please pray for me if you find yourself in church.  I’ll be back and running in a couple of weeks, but look for a walk and a picture or two, thank goodness for moms with computers to share, my mom is the best and now I’ll let you rest!  P.S.  I know I’m not a poet, this was my small attempt at humor in a technology crisis.  Love you peeps!  🙂  also I just figured out how to add a picture from my phone, here is it.  Aren’t you proud of me!? 


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