Wicked Walk 6/10/2015

As you may recall my computer went kaput and I am running around like a chicken, so not much narrtive today.  Addie walked with me, we encoutered slugs, deer and a giant spider, amoung other things.

Here is what we saw.

Addie loves the woods!

walk addiewalk addie

No flower is safe!

Then I spotted the deer, first just a rump, then a head and then Nosey chased her away.  I saw several more and could have gotten some really good pictures but like a total dork I forgot to charge my camera and the battery went dead.

oh well.

walk addie

She has a serious love of slugs.  I have NO idea why.

walk woods trees

I have a serious love of the woods, I guess its kinda the same thing.
walk addie
Thanks for walking with us today!

5 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 6/10/2015

  1. I need a slug picker so if Addie was close by I would pay her! All that rain has everything just popping, crawling and growing out there it seems! I have a deer that I think wants to get friendly at my place as I think she believes I will share my peas with her maybe! She passes by often and gives me a little “hi” look!


    • She would gladly comply but the slugs would have to be on a relocation program, she won’t let them die, lol! And that deer will keep saying “hi” until everything you have is eaten up I’m afraid. Oh well. All God’s creatures have to eat i suppose!


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