When I was growing up there was only 1 real way to have your photograph taken while on vacation.  Ask a nearby, fellow tourist to take up your film bearing device and snap a shot.  If you were lucky it would turn out halfway decent.  A bit later in life, there came along the timer option.  The real challenge here was to find a flat rock or stump on which to set the camera and hope everyone kneeled down in the appropriate location before “click!”.  NOW in this glorious age of digital photography and smartphones, a whole new generation of photos has emerged.  We have been traveling over a week now and I’ve taken more selfies than I’ve ever taken before in my entire life.  However I’ve stopped and asked several people along our journey whom I’ve seen taking traditional photos “hey, want me to get a shot of all of you?”  Each surprised yet pleased they accepted and offered to return the favor.  I think in this world of mini computers, selfies and self love many have forgotten what a simple pleasure it can be to connect with a stanger, even for just a few seconds, what a good feeling it is to make someone smile and help capture that moment for them.  Who knows, years from now they may look at that picture with fond memories and say “remember that nice person who took this picture?”.  What a great way to be remembered!  But for now, I am on my phone and will share a couple of selfies Addie and I have taken this trip.  Have a good one y’all!


Library of Congress.


National Cathedral.


World War II memorial.  In the rain.  This chicken and her chick will be back home and blogging soon!  Have a great day y’all!

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