Wicked Walk ~ One Year Later

Hi y’all!  I can not believe it has been a year, almost to the day, that I began our Wicked Walk series.  Thanks so much for joining me as I’ve traipsed over creeks, thru meadows, down wooded paths and in other people’s barn.  Across town squares, college campuses and a feed store or two, you have been with me and I thank you for that!  So today I’ve put together a collection of some of my favorite images from this past year.  I hope you enjoy them and I look forward to many more walks together with you.

Here is what we have seen.

Have a great week! Love ya’!

4 thoughts on “Wicked Walk ~ One Year Later

  1. You have a wonderful eye for great subjects! I love photography but I wasn’t blessed with “the eye”! I have to hope something good can be “cropped” out of my random shots! A course I took while employed at Disney that was offered to the cast members helped me some! The country roads are my favorites especially the one with sunbeams streaming through the trees! Addie will have some wonderful memories & pictures of those moments to share with her children! Great job! Wish I had more pictures of the times with my mom and dad!


    • Thanks Dave, digital photography makes it at lot easier but I think using a ‘real’ ie film camera for years helped me a bunch. Addie and I have been in D.C. since Sunday and you will be tired of the 2 if us by the time I get it all on here, haha!


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