Wicked Walk 6/24/2015

Wednesday, June 24th was a pretty special walk for me.  I was able to walk at Mt. Vernon, home of George Washington.  The weather was fair and the grounds breathtaking.  To walk the trails and hills he walked, to see the Potomac River from his front porch and meander the halls of his home was quite simply overwhelming.  More than once I found tears coming to my eyes, completely unbidden.  It is a truly special place with the spirit of a magnificent leader and man.  Go, please go, if you ever have the chance.

Here is what I saw.

The visitors center has some lovely displays and if you go be SURE to walk thru the museum at the exit.  It was spectacular.

walk washington

walk washington

The back of the house from the end of the bowling green greets you at first.

We walked the trails and visited the farm and gardens first, while waiting our turn to take the house tour.

Then we paid our respects at his grave, these pictures below are of the original tomb.  Per Washington’s request he and his family were moved after his death to a more suitable location.

walk washingtonwalk washington

Following this we visited the horse barn and stables……

I was about to bust, so ready to see the house and get on his porch!
walk washington
But I had to wait a bit longer so we visited the greenhouse…..
walk washington
I want his greenhouse, don’t you?!

So lovely!
Finally it was our turn for the house tour. You aren’t allowed to take pictures inside but it was beautiful. I was able to see the bed he died in. The chair he sat in while president. The key given to him by the Marquis de Lafayette to the Bastille prison. Still hanging where he placed it himself. Yes, I cried.

And here I am with Addie on George Washington’s front lawn.
walk washington
And this is the Inn where we had lunch, try the warm goat cheese salad. It was the best thing I ate all week! And we had some pretty awesome fare!
walk washington

I could go on and on about this place but I’ll leave it to you to visit for yourself. Thanks for walking with us today and Happy July 4th! Thank you Mr. Washington, without you there would not be a celebration of Independence this weekend or any other weekend for that matter. Thank you and God bless.

6 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 6/24/2015

  1. I’ve never been there but it’s a place every patriotic American should visit as Washington, with the help of almighty God & countless patriots gave us life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness! Thank you Mr. Washington & thank you Wicked Chicken & Addie for a nice glimpse of a very important place in the amazing history of our country! Happy 4th!


  2. So glad you got to go, and the weather was obviously awesome! One of my favorite places in the house was the dining room with the lovely green walls.


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