Wicked Walk 9/2/2015

I love September.  I love that it ushers in fall, cooler weather (sometimes), deer and elk season are right around the corner and that means camping and camp fires and mountains and well, I just love September.  My first walk this September occurred in town but that was okay, Addie and I ventured out of the feed store to explore the creek alongside it.

Here is what we saw.

walk frog

A frog!  If I ever got into that position I’d be stuck there FOREVER.

walk flower

A flower.

walk vine

A cool vine……

walk vine

And a dragonfly.

walk dragonfly

I saw a really cute, small human with it’s feet in the water.

walk addie

I love her.

walk flower vine

A pretty, wetland vine.

walk leafwalk leaf

And the creek itself.

walk creek

Addie loves water.

walk addie creek

And I love the flowers she picks for me.

walk addie flower

Thanks for walking with us today!

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