Wyoming Sunrise

West Texas sunrises are difficult to compete with, at least that is what I thought.  Then I saw this Wyoming sunrise, as seen from my sisters front yard.

wyoming sunrisewyoming sunrisewyoming sunrisewyoming sunrise

The colors just kept getting more and more intense as the sun made it’s climb.
Now, I’m not sure who the Best Sunrise award goes to. I guess we’ll have to send the jury back out.
Have a great day everyone!

9 thoughts on “Wyoming Sunrise

    • I’ve always wanted to visit New York in the fall, our colors just can’t compete with our Eastern neighbors! Wyoming is a must visit, Yellowstone is worth a trip in itself and the rodeo and 4th of July parade in nearby Cody is so fun! And, of course, being from Texas I think everyone should visit, haha! 🙂


  1. Amazing! Does your sister rent her front yard for an RV? I’m sure being there was one big “WOW”! I don’t remember noticing sunrises or sunsets when I lived in Wyoming as a young teen as I was busy trying to figure out what a young males hormones were all about when I saw those pretty cowgirls at school plus I was busy trying to cover pimples with Clearasil and keep my forever hungry gut filled with delicious pastries baked by a little old lady that attended our church! I do remember being fascinated by the tumbleweeds blowing through the streets and staring at Mt. Laramie west of town and wondering if I could climb it so now I notice sunrises and sunsets more and thank God for my sweet Jawjah bride he blessed me with 52 years ago! Guess I couldn’t lasso one of those cowgirls and at that time probably would of made an idiot of myself trying to think of what to say! Sunrise, sunset and I’m thankful for each one I’ve lived through! Thank you for sharing these! Oh, the west coast of Florida has some of the most beautiful sunsets! I photographed a few while living in Florida! The sun seems to melt into the Gulf of Mexico! God is a beautiful painter wherever he shows off His creation!


    • I’ll bet those Florida color shows are something, I only spent one afternoon there, no chance of seeing anything very glorious. And I don’t think I noticed very many sunrises in my youth either, I probably spelt thru most of them, exhausted from chasing around little cowboys! 😉 little did I know, I’d not snag one until I was 26!


      • Cowboys are probably hard to corral with all those open spaces so I’m glad you got a goodun! Must be hard for a girl to compete with a good horse and plenty of places to ride! I pulled out some old Clint Eastwood cowboy movies the last few days and if real cowboy life was like the movies then there musta been some bad hombres back in the day so a girl that can land a great one is doing okay! From the pictures your cowboy looks like a hard worker!

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