Getting There

On our pilgrimage out west we passed through the Land of Enchantment (New Mexico), Colorful Colorado, the Sooner State (Oklahoma), our destination, the Cowboy State (Wyoming).  And of course, we began in the Lone Star State, Texas herself.

Here my husband and I are, heading out.  I may be the only elk hunter in history to begin my journey in a mosaic-print GAP skirt and ballet flats.

elk trip Rachel Rob

The first leg of the trip happened to coincide with the ‘Super Moon’ and following eclipse.

It was awesome.

Almost all these pictures were taken from a moving vehicle, and I’m not exactly sure which state we were in for every one, so please enjoy this mashup of moving trip pictures.

This is an Amarillo, Texas sunrise.

2 things I love about Texas, big sunrises and 75 mph speed limit.



We finally arrived at my sisters house, 2 days later.


My husband made instant friends with Pearl and Hercules, my sisters kitty cats.

rob catrob catI love






wyomingmule deer

Coming Up, Elk Camp itself and another Wicked Wyoming Walk.


6 thoughts on “Getting There

  1. Stop it with the pictures of your trip Rachel! I am sinning by being envious and the good book says no no to envy so you gotta stop it girl! Boy oh boy, this brings back memories of part of our trip through some of the same country! It would of been cute if your hubbie wore a mosaic-print GAP skirt and ballet flats too. Haha!
    Thank you for sharing these pictures of fun ya’ll had! I can’t wait for your next trip! Your trips are a great deal for your readers as we get to enjoy all the fun and beauty and don’t have to pay for one thing! Great deal! Hope the government doesn’t find out as I’m sure they’ll find a way to tax us who see your descriptions and pictures!


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