Wicked Walk 10/21/2015

Let’s try this again, shall we?  My fingers got ahead of my brain yesterday and some of you darling readers were delivered an almost blank post.

I’m sorry about that.  Here we go.  Again.

Meanwhile, back in Texas, there was a scarecrow trail.

We went.

And walked.  And it was 5:00 in the afternoon.  The trail closes at 3:00, which I thought was silly.  Who has time before 3:00 in the afternoon to take their kids and walk?  Not this chick.  So we did it anyway.  It’s not like the Forest Service is gonna kick a small child and her mother out of an open air attraction.

Here is what we saw.

walk scarecrow

 An adorable, giant dinosaur greeted us right off the bat.

Followed by some seriously, cute pumpkins.

And while NOT a minion fan, these were fantastic!

walk scarecrowwalk scarecrow

Another thing I’m not in love with is Shrek.  But this particular rendition I found irrisitable.

walk scarecrow

I just wanted to hug him back.

After buying some lemonade.

walk scarecrow

Addie found a friend…….

walk addie

Jacksonville is home of the Indians, so……

walk scarecrow

Isn’t the Maiden cute?  And I’m digging that tepee.

And of course, I had to turn my child into a scarecrow, if only for a brief moment.

walk addie

And last, but certainly not least, SpongeBob.

I happen to like SpongeBob, against all odds.

walk scarecrow

Thanks for walking the Scarecrow Trail with us today, and again, sorry about the posting mishap yesterday. I’ll try and not let that happen again.

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