Wicked Walk 10/28/2015

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday and it was lovely.  It was made even more lovely by the fact we recently received over 2 inches of rain and a cool front.  So this Wednesday I donned a long-sleeve shirt and hit the woods about 8:30 a.m.

Here is what I saw.

walk tree

My Redbud tree, hanging on to a few more leaves.

walk mumswalk flowerMy little, fall display by the front gate.

Aren’t the mums pretty?

And my Morning Glory finally decided to bloom.  I planted it in March.

walk flowerwalk flower

Worth waiting on.

walk hay

The last cutting.

walk hay

The woods were teeming with deer, the cool front had the bucks in a rutting kinda mood.

They were running crazy.

walk deer

Off runs the doe, followed by the buck.

walk deer

Over and over and over again.

I got several good looks at 2 different bucks and multiple does but no one wanted to pose for a still picture.

They are also after these,

walk acorn

Lots of acorns this year.

And the forest service was kind enough to plant some rye grass for the woodland creatures.

walk grass

Although I admit, I hope that buck prefers my clover, oats and wheat to the forest service rye.

walk forest

And while we rarely get the brilliant colors of the east or the bright yellows of the west, our woods do have their own, subdued charm.

walk forest

l Love Them.

walk berries

walk leaf

And time to go home.

walk leaf

Thanks for walking with me today, I hope your day is awesome!

2 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 10/28/2015

  1. Our colors here in SE Georgia are blah but I do love the fall as we do experience more of a visible season change than in Florida which wasn’t enjoyable to me! Your area woods and plant life are very similar to ours! The bucks are all crazy here too! Was in my yard the other day and here comes a huge buck about 20 feet behind a doe giving it all he had to keep up! I think she was laughing and thinking “crazy boy”! He never knew I was present! The yearly rut puts them in a rut sometimes! Nice scenery! I love the road through the pines! Me and my tractor would love to roll through there! Something about a tractor, a cool day, the smell of diesel burning and a country road that puts us human guys to saying, “there is a God after all”!

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