Wicked Walk 1/3/2016

My first walk of the New Year was taken not on a Wednesday but on the holiday weekend.  My family and I made a long-over due trip to visit family in Mississippi.  My husband hails from this lovely state and much of his family still live there.  Addie and I managed to sneak into the woods for a few minutes.

This is what we saw.

walk pond ms

The pond was full of wood ducks but they didn’t stay around for a photo op.

walk bottle ms

Addie was very proud of this bottle she found with a small eco-system contained in its walls.

I thought this leaf was pretty impressive too.

walk leaf ms

We wandered around and found this grub…….

walk worm ms

And fungi…….

walk fungi ms

And bug……..

walk bug ms

And mushroom cap…….

walk mushroom ms

Addie gave up on me at this point.

walk addie ms

Yet,I found this mushroom and acorn collection buried in the forest floor.

walk musroom acorn ms

I thought it was lovely.

walk nut ms

I decided this was the brain of the forest.

Then I went back to the house.

walk rob ms

Firewood was being gathered, stories told and the dog……

walk dog ms

The dog was happy.

I hope you all have a great week!

Thanks, as always, for reading!

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