Wicked Walk 1/6/2016

Can you believe we are already nearly two weeks into the new year?  I know I can’t.  Time keeps flying by!  However, I was able to walk with my favorite, little human recently and we were on the trail of snail.

This is what we saw.

walk hoof

I know my friend Cherity, over at Almostfarmgirl, will know what this is instantly.

Can you guess?

Answers at the end!

walk flower

First bloom of the New Year.  I love yellow flowers.

walk plastic mushroom

Mushrooms!  Now, you know I love a mushroom, but these I dug up……

These are PLASTIC!  Plastic mushrooms in the forest.  Look at the upper left-hand side, see where they were burned and melted at one point?

Very Odd.

After we had discovered all we could, Addie led the way to the pond, aka, ditch.

walk addie

She is good at telling people where to go.

I have no idea where she gets that from……

walk addie

We discovered some cool, glass jars along the way…..

walk addie

Which I was left with for company while Addie ran to get her mud boots.

walk bottle

She returns, mud boots in place.

walk addie

And, no snail is safe.

Well, they are ‘Safe’.  She is very careful.  But, they are about to be discovered, so to speak.

It’s kinda like ‘No Child Left Behind’.

Only with snails.  And minus silly tests.  And taxpayer funds.  And……I better stop there.

Moving on.

She found a snail with eggs!  Which was appropriate after spending 15 minutes lecturing me about snail mating grounds.

I ask you this, how much can a 7 year old know about snail mating grounds?

It WAS really cool, and she returned them carefully to the ‘nursery’ so they could hatch in peace.

I know nothing about snails by the way.

So we left the mating grounds and nursery and headed home…..

walk calves

Spying some cute calves and Bon Jovi on the way…..

walk rooster

Thanks for walking and snail watching with us today!

And that picture in the beginning?

It is the trimmings off a horses hoof.  Like when you clip your fingernail only bigger.  And with nail holes.

Have a great week y’all!

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