Wicked Walk 1/13/2016

I have recently found myself in somewhat un-charted waters.  This is not a bad thing, simply, new.  And it has taken up a lot of my time, efforts and thoughts.  If all pans out, there will be lots of fun fodder for me to share with you all.  If not, I’ll be back to my perfectly wicked self soon enough.  So, please forgive small posting delays and such.  I love ya’.

 This walk, I took with Addie, who insists more and more often on accompanying me.  There are days I want to tell her to stay home.  But I know, in hind sight, I would regret those times ten thousand fold.  So, we go together more often than not.

This is what we saw.

walk rooster

Rooster in Pre-Crow.

And, Post-Crow.

walk rooster

He thinks he is SO important.

walk flower

A weed.  I am glad I live in Texas where the weeds are green and flowering in January.



A walnut.

And a pine bough.

walk limb

PLUS, a fishing lure Addie dug up along our path.


Serious business.  As you can tell from her expression.

walk addie

It was readily deposited into her museum.

Which is in her room.

And, you are required to pay admission via a small container taped to her door

“Pae Here” it plainly states.

Look it!  I found a slug on a mushroom.  You know, if you pay them close attention, they are really quite fascinating.

walk mushroom

As are mushrooms.

walk ant hill

Ant hills.

walk veggie

And radishes growing above ground!

walk addie

Addie loves the creek!

Water of any kind really……

walk mushroom

And I, I like Addie.  And mushrooms.

walk mushroom

walk addie

The best of both worlds.

Thanks for walking with us today!


10 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 1/13/2016

  1. Cherish every moment little Addie wants with you! My two daughters are married and I am now second fiddle so I don’t hear from them much and when I do they don’t have much time! Thank you for sharing your walks in God’s beautiful creation!

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