Wicked Walk 2/9/2016

I spent this particular day waiting for 3 hours at the tax office, only to discover they were unable to see me.  Thus, my morning was spent.  I arrived home and threw together a lunch for my starving child.  Then I attacked my fruit trees with pruning shears.

Then I went for a walk.

Here is what I saw.

walk kale

This kale has been growing in my flower bed since last January. I love it when I find plants I can’t kill, even with gross neglect.

I’m also kinda proud of this, my eucalyptus tree.

walk tree

It was practically a twig when I planted it 3 years ago.  Now, it is at least 12 feet tall!

I’d like to introduce to you the Ugliest Chicken in the World.

walk chicken

This is a naked neck.  It is a replacement the neighbor brought me that tragic night 2 weeks ago.

I love all chickens.  But I don’t really like naked necks.

walk chicken

Bless her heart.

Addie was tailing me, begging for a golf cart ride.  I relented, then she insisted on driving.

They gotta start sometime…….

She is a pretty good driver.

Thank goodness.

She kindly stopped to take the above pictures.  She didn’t even try to drive off and leave me.  I don’t think it has occurred to her.  Yet.

Look!  Here is the injured Polish with Stipe-Stripe’s husband.  She was re-introduced to the flock 3 days ago and is doing very well.  Chickens are amazing, I was certain she was a goner.

walk chicken

She had to be evicted from the hospital because these little guys showed up…..

walk chick

Addie’s broiler project for 4-H.

Hard to believe in 6 weeks they will be in the freezer.  They don’t stay cute for long!

walk chick addie

Thanks for walking with us today!

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