Wicked Walk 2/27/2016

Do you ever get headaches?  The kind that blind your mind and make you want to scream?  I do.  Not very often, thank God, only 3 or 4 a year.  I had one this week.  The day was beautiful and I had a ton of wonderful things planned, including a blog for you.  That didn’t happen.

Fortunately, my husband flew into the bedroom and poured enough drugs down my throat to make the ache dull and my sanity return.

Alas, a walk delayed until today.  A beautiful, glorious Saturday.  I discovered, just now, that my internet works on the porch of the barn.  Which means I can watch my chickens and blog.  This is heaven.  I just saw my Polish, who was attacked by dogs last month, hunting for scratch.  I love her.

Here is what I saw earlier today.

walk flower

Johnny Jump-Up’s.  I planted a packet 6 years ago.  I convinced my husband to let them go to seed each year.  They are all over my yard now.  I love their bright, cheery faces!

I also love these, my fruit trees.

I hope they don’t get frost bitten.

I also love my rocks. I have a lot of rocks.
walk rock moss
And flowers. These are about to fade until next year but I have been grateful for their beauty.
walk flower
I figured it was such a lovely day I better let the chickens out. They agreed this was an excellent idea.
Miss Barred Rock seemed to be heading up the effort…..

walk chicken
Nobody agrued.
The naked neck still has social issues, bless her heart.
Nobody loves her.
However, aren’t these yellow weeds cheerful?!?!
They are growing in a water trough that will no longer hold water, in my yard, because I live in east Texas and I can get away with water troughs in my yard growing weeds and run-on sentences.
One last shot, thanks for walking with me today!

Love ya’!

12 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 2/27/2016

  1. What about toilet plants? Can you get away with those? I saw many of them when I lived in Virginia. Giant flat grass covered yards with a toilet planter right in the middle.


  2. Beautiful picture of your horsey! Naked neck, I feel your pain! I’m losing my feathers (er hair) too! Gloom despair and agony on me, deep dark depression excessive misery!


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