Pumpkin Feeder

I am aware that recently I’ve bombarded your news feed and in-boxes with silly poems and walks.  So, I figured I better post something at least half-way useful.  If you are like me, and still have pumpkins from Halloween on your porch and a Christmas wreath on your front door, you will find this helpful.  Well, I hope you will anyway.  I can help you with the pumpkin problem.  Addie solved it for me.

After gaining permission to do with the pumpkins what she wished, she grabbed a VERY dull knife and sliced the tops off.  Then she removed most of the seeds and saved them for me so we can grow more next year.  She is going to be a very good country girl.

Then, she asked me to poke holes in the sides, “But NOT all the way through Mom!”

An ice pick worked well for this.

A scoop full of hen scratch, some tiny sticks and…..Ta Da!

Bird Feeder.

Perched on the squirrel feeder, but hey.  Whatever works.

pumpkin bird

 I’m pretty sure the squirrels were using it too!

I took a couple of pictures from the front porch…..








Then decided I needed to get a little closer.
So Addie and set up a stake-out in the lawn. In our pajamas. At 8:17 on a Tuesday morning. Home school benefits, people, home school benefits.
Anyway, it was a great plan until Peaches took a keen interest in the goings on….

“Hi, Mama! Thank you for building me a bird bait station! If I’m REALLY still, do you think they won’t see me?”
“Peaches, get down NOW!”
“But Mama, look, I can see them! They are teasing me Mama. I refuse to move.”
Cats never, ever mind.
So I got a close up of the perch……

I wasn’t sure if they would use it but….after Peaches finally gave up his watch.
Yay Mr. Red Bird!

They loved it! There were about 10 Cardinal’s flying about, taking turns.
It turned out perfect, we have refilled it 3 or 4 times.
I’m sure someone has done this before but, for a 7-year-old, I thought it was clever.
And useful.
And fun.
And, if you don’t have any leftover Halloween pumpkins, cause you’re crazy good and on top of all that. Maybe you can use this method next year. Well, this year. Like in November.
I’m leaving now.
Have a great day!

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