It Rained. A LOT.

Last week, in Texas and across much of the country, it rained. In like, the second flood.

We didn’t suffer as much as many folks, and for that I am thankful.

Our neighbor’s hay on the other hand, it got a tad bit wet.  This is the creek, only it isn’t supposed to be here.  Its supposed to be way off in those trees, down about 6 feet in it’s bank.

Naughty creek.


According to my rain gauge, we received a tad over 6 inches in 2 days. North and East of us had double that amount.

flood river

Which is why the Neches is up to the bridge. According to all the old-timer’s I’ve talked to, it has never been this high. Not in their lifetime.
flood river
This is the pull-off. Normally, you can park multiple trucks and boats and folks off the road here, picnic in the woods and fish off the bank. Not today.
fllod riverflood river
I figured I better head home, before I floated away or got run over.

Have a great day y’all!

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