Wicked Walk 3/8/2016

Do you ever wonder why you blog?  Or, why you read blogs?  Sometimes I do.

However, I keep coming back to the same answer.

I blog for me.  And, when I have any spare time at all.   I love reading YOUR blogs!

From New Zealand to Florida, Illinois to Maine, Kenya to Mississippi, Canada to Finland, I love all my readers and the thoughts they bring me here in Maydelle, Texas.

Here is what I saw today.  March the 8th, 2016.

walk pantry

So.  I like, had a bakery.  In case you didn’t know.  And my awesome, talented cousin Angela painted this for me.

I still bake.  Matter of fact, I delivered a German Chocolate cake yesterday.

But, I limit myself to special orders now.

My fruit trees are still puttin’ on a show!

Plus a random chicken shot.

I do love food….

These chicks……these are a month old today. And, quite frankly, I can hardly wait until they are in the freezer. I do not.. CAN NOT, eat “normal” chickens. But, anyone who has raised broilers can agree, they are truly a meat bird.

I adore chicken and dumplings.  Fried chicken.  Chicken fried rice.  Chicken spaghetti.

Chicken is good my friends.  Especially chicken without personality.

Unlike my Stripe-Stripe.  But, I’d rather not cry right now.  So we will leave that sad story alone.

Look, here is just another way homeschool kids get out of math…….

They let it blow into the forest.

Can’t say I really blame them.

The wild plums, redbuds and forest in general is coming to life in a hurry.

My car is now yellow to prove it.

A crow lost a feather…..


 And a glance at the radar reminded me why I made this a short walk today….


Pesky flash floods and tornado warnings.


And, its been raining for almost 24 hours now.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

6 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 3/8/2016

  1. Having just finished the last crumbs of my wife’s delicious German Chocolate cake I am reminded by your mention of the fact that I too love to eat! Some people eat to live but I live to eat! My dear 92 year old mother-in-law eats like a bird! I think she needs only 24 calories a day! Great food and chicken keeps me crowing for sure! I want to raise a few birds for the table and quail is on my list too! I love those little birds! Keep sharing your fun life with us as we who enjoy the country life share our God given goodness together!


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