Earlier today I was browsing through the pictures of my daughter’s 8th birthday party.

And I came across this gem.


Child, not only did I tote you around inside me for 9 months, struggle to lose the weight you imparted on me, pay people to watch, entertain and educate you.  I drove and drug you through camping trips, hunting trips, Washington D.C.,  multiple national monuments, the beach, Moody Gardens, and Tennessee to stay on a house boat.  Twice.

I drove to Dallas and bought you this doll for your 8th birthday.  I make your cakes, plan your parties.  I make sure you have food and clothes and brushed hair.  Well.  Sometimes brushed hair.  We say our prayers, read fairy tales, have play dates, piano lessons, church camps and 4-H shows.

And THIS, my friends, is the look I get.

This look says something along the lines of “I think you are ridiculous mom”.

I know this is probably the first of many ‘looks’ I’ll be getting the next few years. We are rapidly approaching double-digits.

Still, there are these expressions…….


And these, these are the expressions that make it all worth while!

No matter how many eye-rolls, blazing glares or exasperated sighs I get over the next few years, I’ll know that deep, down, there is a sweet smile waiting to shine through!

It just might take awhile.



8 thoughts on “Expressions

  1. Just wait until she brings that boy home that fills her head full of ideas that you do not agree with and when she reaches her 18th he tells her to tell you that she doesn’t have to listen to you anymore but she still wants the car you got her and still thinks you should pay for her college education & feed her! Oh boy, been there done that! After many years of swallowing my pride & keeping my mouth shut I can now sit in the same room with wonder boy! But after 3 wonderful grandchildren and a couple of greats from the daughters marriage to Mr. Knowitall all is well! God they grow up fast and really get smart! The daughter has since come back and said that she wishes she would of listened more to our advice! Hmmmmm! I bit my tongue and tried not to say I told you so! It’s amazing how much smarter my mom and dad get as I grow older! They knew what they were talking about!


    • I know, I am dreading those years thus enjoying these as much as possible now. We went yesterday to the new place and climbed dirt piles together then threw clumps of dirt to see who could hit the tree. She won! Love my girl and I’m glad your girl figured out you were pretty smart after all! 😀


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