This old house…….

About a week or so ago, I told you about an old house I came across while walking.  It was open, so naturally I had to go inside!  Here are the pictures, as promised.

IMG_6037I often wonder about houses such as these.  Who lived in them, who built them.  Why they are left to rot and fade into the past.  It always makes me sad, to see a house not occupied, unloved.  As my granddad would say, they were ‘somebody’s dream’.  I love that thought, each old house, large or small, fancy or plain, was at some point in time, someone’s dream.  The house my husband and I are getting started on is nothing fancy, simply a metal building with a shop and carport on one side and our 1,360 square foot house on the other.  Sure, I’d like a Southern Living Dream home or a William Poole custom low-country cottage.  But I’ve had to learn to dream within my means, so to speak.  And I couldn’t be more excited!  I just hope that after we are gone, our dream is tended to, lived in and loved.


Like I said, the front door was unlocked and ajar.  I kept waiting for a bat or something to attack me.  Nothing did, thank God.

The fireplace was on the left….


The light was terrible, thus the poor quality.  Sorry about that.

The room to the right had a chain and a lock on it.


I found this rather disturbing.  I started to think of all the reasons one might rig up a chain and padlock on an interior house door.  But that made me want to run home, and it was really hot and I dislike running, so I decided to think happy thoughts instead.  And, move on to another room.


The back door, leading out of the kitchen, was standing open.  The floors were covered in vines and trash so I didn’t go in.  And since I kinda had the creeps, I decided to go back to the porch.


I love the ceiling, so cool!
Back out in the sunshine, all was well.

I also love old bricks. In my ‘dream kitchen’ I would have brick floors. However, I am very excited about my laminate. 😀


Until next time, y’all have a great day and thank you for reading!

4 thoughts on “This old house…….

  1. Would be great to see the ole house live again but it’s a shame that all that beautiful wood isn’t being used for someone else’s dream! I know my brother-in-law fetches a good price for old wood and bricks as architects eat it up when they build fancy buildings! What was used back then as a standard wall or ceiling covering is now premium woods on the market! The ideal thing though would be to see it remodeled and to have families grow together there!


    • Forgot to put on there the old wood floor material is usually great stuff to use! For that matter, most any part of the old house can be re-used!


    • I know, I wish I had all those bricks and that wood. Even the tin could be turned into something amazing. Hope you are having a great day! I’m home with a summer cold and your comments made me feel better! Thanks for making me smile Dave! 🙂


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