Wicked Walk 7/31/2016

So, Addie and I spent a great deal of time at the new place, trying to catch minnows in the creek.  But, apparently the minnows in Maydelle sent word ahead to the minnows in Glenfawn, and well.  They were impossible to catch.  We walked the entire length of the creek, dabbled in each little pool and hollow and, nada, none, zip.  We SAW lots of minnows, a snakeskin and some pretty mushrooms, but our brand new, Dollar Store net, remained empty.

So we decided to go home and try our luck at the pond.

Pond minnows are MUCH less wary than creek minnows.


The donkeys were very curious about the whole people, net and minnow event.

The horse was not as impressed.
IMG_6155Addie continued her catching attempts……

While I chased a dragonfly.


I like dragonflies.

Finally!  Success!


I’m glad I’m not a minnow.

And that, as they say, is all folks!

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