Wicked Walk 9/11/2016

September the 11th has a special, painful place in the hearts of Americans.  On this particular day I reflect not only on the tragic day in New York, but also on my sister’s birthday.  Her birthday came long before terrorists marred not just the day, but the face of American and World history.  So I mourn the lost, yet celebrate my sister.  And, as I type this, over a month later, I’m preparing for my own birthday.  I don’t give it much thought.  But tomorrow, October the 27th, I’ll be 34 years old.

ACK!  When the hell did that happen?!?!

I am currently in Wyoming, soaking up the internet, cold weather and sweet kisses of my brand-new niece!  I’ll share more on all these current events later, for now I’d like to share my walk from September the 11th.  It is the most extensive walk on our new place to date, and it was marvelous!

img_6633img_6636We have bush-hogged fields!


And all in glorious, albeit kinda hot, weather!

We’ve also got these fantastic white oak trees.

Check out the acorns!

They are HUGE!  And the deer love them.  Can you guess where I’ll be hunting?  😉


Even bitterweeds, when admired for their color and cheerfulness alone, are fun.

They are actually horrid, but this is supposed to be a happy post.  So there.

This poor little frog was perched underneath the berry-bearing bushes along the creek.  When he hopped, I thought he was a snake.  Therefore I hopped.  We hopped.  Everybody hop, hop!

On, into the field I went and spied this pretty flower and a cool spider looking bug thing.

I’m going to work on my identification skills in 2017.  Promise.

They were all in the ‘big field.’


The back of the ‘big field’ opens up, via a small path and iron gate, onto our recently acquired lease place. It is 240 acres wrapping around our place. Therefore we have right at 350 acres to care for. Kinda like turning 34, ACK!
This lovely, elegant old oak, marks the corner of our property. I love old oaks.
I spied a cool feather, but lest I get caught with a feather of a hawk (which is highly illegal) I left it where it lay.
Might have been an owl. Like I said, I’ll work on that whole ID thing next year.
I was meandering along, thinking about how hot it was and about the snake I saw but didn’t get a picture of and BAM.

There were deer! Right ahead of me! I scared them as much as they scared me!
After recovering a moment or two, I continued on. A bit more cautiously.
Queen Anne’s Lace….
Moon Flowers….
And mushrooms kept me company until I got back to our driveway.
Full circle.
Thanks for walking with me today!
Love y’all!

5 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 9/11/2016

  1. You are not old. We can laugh next year when I turn 40.

    Also, I think that the white flower is boneset. I don’t have any Queen Anne’s lace…mine is all boneset. But it is still a very interesting and pretty plant! Mine is up at the chicken coop between the goldenrod and the stupid ragweed. I need to get Jason to rip up the ragweed so it doesn’t kill me next year. 😛

    Enjoy the day, friend!!! I know that you are!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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