Sweet Home Alabama

Remember that Pitcher Plant bog a few days ago?  Well, it wasn’t the only thing we saw during our weekend trip!  While my large self cannot fit into my bathing suit at the moment, it didn’t stop me from enjoying the sun, sand, and company.


Addie could hardly contain herself and as soon as we hit the beach, she hit the water!

The birds were charming, I wanted to take this little fellow home with me!


I doubt he would enjoy east Texas.
Addie borrowed a sifter from our hosts. And for about 2 hours, was a professional. Sifter that is.
Requiring, only a moderate amount of assistance.
The sifter even caught a jellyfish!
Even though Addie’s new-found, local friends, told her it was not the stinging kind, we kept our hands to ourselves. Just to be on the safe side.
We beach-bummed it until it was just to darn hot.

Then headed back for a cool shower, some lunch and a garage sale or 3 along the way!

Have a great day y’all!

7 thoughts on “Sweet Home Alabama

  1. I wonder if the fishermen were catching anything! I love saltwater fish! Got me to thinking about going to our coast! Beautiful white sandy beach there! Sure looks like fun!


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