Gone Fishin’

The men and boys in my life love to bow hunt.  This has never appealed to me for various reasons.  Bow season is still hot in Texas.  Which means the mosquitos are still awful.  And, you can’t wear repellent.  And it’s hot.  And well, I just don’t have time for all that.

However, I do have time to fish.  There are drinks and snacks and lots of mosquito repellent.  So, Addie and I opted to fish while the boys sweat it out with the biting insects.  Adjacent to our new place is 240 acres which we were able to lease, and on said lease is a nice, big pond.  I guess I can stop saying “Our new place.”  We’ve had it almost 6 months.  Anyway.


It’s a great place to just chill out and relax.

There is a lot of moss in one section, this threw Addie off.  But not for long!  Her casting skills improved quickly.


I even lucked up and caught a bass!


Not the best picture, but I was having fun!


We fished and fished and Addie caught a frog.

We also spotted a snapping turtle and I caught Moby Dick. Although, right before I got him to shore, my line broke. I was SO mad! So, for my birthday the following week my husband surprised me with a new pole and stronger test line and new lures. Moby Dick better look out!

A few shots of the beautiful, albeit hot, fall we are having……
Then, time to head home. Thanks for fishing with us today!

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