Jump Down, Turn Around, Pick a Bale of Cotton……

Because it was my 34th birthday, and because we didn’t draw elk tags this year, and because my little sister just had a BABY, I took a road trip to Laramie, Wyoming.  Just me and Addie and a cooler full of snacks on the open road for 16 hours.  Well, we stopped in Raton, New Mexico to catch some sleep at the Quality Inn.  As we left, Addie sighed “I sure am gonna miss the Quality Inn, it’s a great hotel.”  May she always be so easy to please, ha!

  The most boring part of the trip is always from Fort Worth to Amarillo.  Unless, you are able to watch the sunrise or sunset.  Those are spectacular events in north-west Texas.  We missed both.  However, we did see cotton fields, ready for harvest!  I kept looking and looking for a good place to pull over so Addie could see some up close.  I spied a field, on a dirt road which I think was actually someone’s driveway.  Regardless, I hung a right and bumped right on up to the edge of the field.  And, I crawled through the fence, getting the barb-wire all hung up in my Victoria’s Secret lounge pants.  Took a picture and the screen flashes “No Memory Card.”  Back thru the barbed wire, fetch camera card then more crawling.  I didn’t get hung up as bad this trip.


Addie refused to crawl thru the fence, insisting that I was trespassing.  And, well……she was probably right.  But I consider those rules as more of a guideline……

She didn’t mind the cotton tufts I gave her though!

I find cotton amazing.  I had hoped we would see some all baled up, but we did not.

An old wind mill and house stood watching me, as I carefully made it back across the fence one more time…..


 We waved goodbye to Woodrow road, and kept trucking towards the Cowboy State!


Cotton in tow!

p.s.  I don’t really CONDONE trespassing.  Just you know, for educational purposes.  And, really cool old buildings.  And butterflies.  Certain flowers,  Natural disasters.  And, well.  Just don’t get caught, okay?



5 thoughts on “Jump Down, Turn Around, Pick a Bale of Cotton……

  1. I made a little money and I emphasize “little” picking cotton as a kid but it was fun out there laughing and playing with the other kids! We got paid by the pound so I probably didn’t make as much as I could since the farmers pretty daughters got most of my attention! Of course the big machines do it now but it looks like they leave a lots on the plants but hey, I don’t understand cotton economics so it must work for the growers since they grow a lots of it here year after year! The haulers leave a lots beside the roads also giving the appearance of left over snow patches! Our grandkids are fascinated with cotton as was Addie! Your trip to Wyoming makes me want to go back! Hopefully later next year! We have a cruise to the western Caribbean in January but I would rather go to Wyoming! I suppose I will put on my flowery shirt and act like a beach boy to celebrate the wife’s birthday! A cowboy at heart has to do what a cowboy at heart has to do! Bon Voyage! (:-((


    • Haha!!!! I can see you mooning over the farmers daughters! I’ll post some Wyoming pictures soon, although I spent most of my time holding the baby and visiting, rather than exploring. I’m ready for another elk trip, break out the tents!!!! Have fun on your cruise, I can’t wait to hear about it, Happy Birthday to your lovely wife! 😀


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