To Build a House

When my husband and I began this adventure called “Building a House”, everyone said it would be stressful, cost more and take much longer than we expected.  Boy, were they right!  In my springy, starry-eyed optimistic brain, I thought, “Pooh, we’ll be in by Christmas!”

That didn’t happen.

As I am staring down February in the face, I’m not much closer to unpacking my dishes.  However, we HAVE made progress.  Just at the pace of an over-weight, geriatric, under-achieving  snail.img_7987Here is the front porch,


and the back porch.

I am really loving the back porch.  It is 63 x 9 which means plenty of room for everyone to sit and not be on top of one another.

A huge bonus.


I know, the poles and windows aren’t exactly centered how I would want them, but beggars can’t be choosers.

I’m also in love with this….


A HUGE car port that is……wait for it……….


No more running like a donkey in need of a hip replacement just to get the groceries in out of the rain.

‘Cause that’s how I run y’all.  It’s not good.


Plenty of room for both cars, tractor, golf cart, whatever. And I can send the kids outside to play even if it’s raining. BONUS POINTS!

So, it is all coming together.

One piece of tin at a time.

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