Wicked Walk 1/21/2017

It has been ages since I’ve taken a really long walk.  A walk which I didn’t have to rush thru like a mad person.  My main purpose of walking today was to get some pictures of these awesome mushrooms I found the previous day.  They peeked their little heads above the tall grass.  Red, slender tubes, almost the same size from top to bottom, with a round hole in the top.  They looked very……phallic.  I had never, ever in YEARS of wandering in the woods and meadows, seen anything even close to these jokers.  I wanted to know their name, so I googled “Tube Mushroom”.

Let me give you some free advice.  Never, EVER google ‘Tube Mushroom’.  Especially if your children or mother happen to be in the room.

Ahem.  Bad idea, take my word for it.

Anyway, when I got to the tube mushroom patch, it was GONE.  Completely destroyed by hogs overnight.  Apparently Tube Mushrooms (or whatever they were) are delicious.  So, I have no slightly vulgar ‘shrooms to share.

They is what I DID see.img_8162Pretty Moss.

And a great, tastefully designed mushroom with a spider hanging out on it.


We just got our horses moved to the new place last week, and they found the hay bales in about 22.95 seconds.


As you can see.

This pasture is SO much bigger than the one they have been in the last 6 months, I think they felt kinda lonely.


So they promptly made their way all the way across to say Hi.

It’s nice to be missed!

Some of the offending hog tracks.


Darn mushrooms thieves.

Since my search came up empty, I headed back through the horse pasture…..


Giving everyone a pat along the way.

They were all like “Where you going Mama?”

I found some more tame mushrooms,

And awesome fungi.

That was about it.  It’s always so wonderful to not be in a rush or strain.  To take the time to observe, listen to and enjoy the things that surround you.

I hope you have a lovely, lovely day!

And if you happen to figure out that those darn mushrooms are really called, let me know, would ya’?


7 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 1/21/2017

  1. Ha ha ha! We have those mushrooms, right outside my bedroom window, too. I can assure you that I damn sure didn’t plant them. LOL. I remember that the scientific name also refers to the unique…Er… Shape, but I don’t remember the common name. It is pretty funny, though, to come upon a patch of those because you’re like hiding your kids’ eyes and thinking the is just no way they are supposed to look like that. But indeed they do. Lol!


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