The Fuzzies

My squash-raising attempts the past 3 years have been, in a word, unsuccessful.  Unsuccessful is putting it rather mildly but going into further detail might require a thesauruses and therapy.  For some unknown reason the garden gods have deemed me unworthy of squash.  ‘Cause you know even a spider monkey should be able to grow a squash, they are the easiest plant EVER to grow.  It was starting to get a little embarrassing.

Each time a little veggie would begin growing a day or two later….BAM.  Black and ivory fuzzies would sprout from the end and cover the entire baby vegetable.  If the little fuzzies weren’t on my veggies they might be kinda cute.  But they aren’t cute, not even a smidgen of cuteness there.  The fuzzies are evil.  EVIL I tell you!  For 3 ENTIRE years every, single, stinking, squash I grew fell victim to the fuzzies.  So, what did I do you ask?  I will tell you what I did.  I gave in, raised the white flag and said “To hell with you fuzzies!” and I moved my garden spot.

I present to you now, Squash 2014.


By this point my previous squashes would be getting the fuzzies by now.

But these babies….


They are gonna make me proud!  Look at that one, under the bloom, it is ALMOST READY!

Of course I can’t do much with one squash, but the others are hurrying behind it!


“Hey there sexy”


I even have green ones, still with no fuzzies!


And the peasants rejoiced.

(That would be me)


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