Meet the Flock-Part Eight

This is my third round with brown leghorns.  I think these birds often get overlooked in favor of their white counterparts or Rhode Island Reds.  I, however, prefer them to either of these breeds.  They are quick, fairly docile and, when mature, feature adorable floppy combs!  I have 3 right now, hopefully within a month or two of producing eggs.

I quickly discovered they are very hard to photograph.  They are never still!

Run chicken Run!


And when not running madly about they hide behind their much more fluffy friends……

chickenHa, I see you chicken!


Finally, a decent shot!  Thank you Miss Hen!


And she is off again!  I think the fact it was early morning added to my hardship in picture taking.  I normally park my chair by the coop late in the evening and they have run out most of their crazy chicken energy by then.


Bug Located!  And aren’t those colors brilliant?!


Oh well, you forage a bit my friend.  When that floppy comb comes in I’ll remember to make an evening appointment.

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