Wicked Walk 10/29/2014

Stress makes me ill therefore Wednesday October the 29th I was fairly feeble with the strength of a over-cooked noodle.  It made me really mad too because this was the absolute most beautiful day of the year.  Mid 60’s, partly cloudy, slight breeze, trees beginning to change colors and I couldn’t make it out of my yard.  Oh well, I didn’t even make it out of the house on Tuesday so the yard was an improvement.  So join me on a brief tour of my front porch and yard.

Here is what I saw.

walk leaf walk leafI planted these on each corner of the porch 2 years ago with visions of plush, green ivy covering my entire sitting area in a bower of loveliness.  They have made it about 2 feet.  But they aren’t dead!  A real achievement for me…….

walk flowerwalk flowerwalk flower

I planted this the same year as the ivy, unlike its climbing counterpart this thing has taken over my life and has placed me on this evenings menu.  It simply will. not. stop.

walk yard

View from my rocking chair.  Yes, I know I need to pick up limbs and my swing needs a cushion, I still love it, my dad made it for me as a birthday present about 5 years ago (Thanks Dad!)

walk brick

Old brick in the garden.

walk flower

Another flower living in spite of me.

walk leaf

Leaves changing on the Bradford Pear….

walk tree

My Eucalyptus tree!  I planted it 2 years ago as well and ta da!  It was a twig and now taller than I am!

walk limb

Cool growth on one of those limbs we need to pick up…..

walk post

Neighbors tree as seen through our fence post, “Hi Y’all!”

walk acornwalk moss

Acorn and moss in a shady corner.

walk addie

I got back to the porch only to find my small human doing addition with a soap stone on the porch boards.

This is what homeschooling looks like people.

walk bug

Praying Insect, I guess he prayed over me as I felt MUCH better the next day.

walk yard

That is all folks and yes, I do have a squirrel feeder that looks like a mini picnic table, don’t judge.

See y’all later ‘gator’s!

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