To Make a Scarecrow

I’ve wanted, for most of my life, to make a scarecrow.  So, at the ripe old age of 32 I finally realized my dream.  Upon completion we sat together on the porch for awhile and when I finally decided to go inside I caught a glimpse of my recent creation out of the corner of my eye, thus scaring 10 years off my life.  “Oh my GAWD, A PERSON” was my thought process for 1.67 seconds.  Enough to terrify me.  And no, he wasn’t that good.  I am just retarded.

But it was a great way to spend a rainy Wednesday afternoon with a six-year old human.


The first step was to get all the chickens distracted so no unauthorized chicken poop made its way into the scarecrow building area.

Now, I had full intentions of making a scarecrow with my old painting overalls.  Until I went to fetch them out of the closet THEN I remembered I threw them away in a fit of rage about 3 months ago because I could no longer fit my hips into them.  Dang it.

So Rob was gone for the day and I raided his side of the closet for objects worn to indecency.  Not hard to do really……


It was a group effort really, the pants are Rob’s, the shirt is a cast-off never worn, the gloves are mine, the scarf is Addie’s and the hat belongs to Gus.

The hay was the horses but I don’t think they mind.


So first I tied the ends of the pants with some hay string so the stuffing wouldn’t fall out.

Then Addie helped me fill him out.


Next came the shirt….


Shirt stuffing is a VERY serious business ya’ know.


Once stuffed properly we got him into a chair, fetched him some boots and went to work on the head.


I turned an empty bag of alfalfa pellets inside out and stuffed it with hay then tied it with more hay string for the head….


We made eyes, a nose and mouth…..


Now that they both are smiling…..

let’s finish him up!


Bandana, Hat and Beverage were all this good ol’ boy needed!


Even Stripe-Stripe came to check him out!

And while he may not scare any crows he sure did get me for a minute there!

Happy November everyone!

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