Wicked Walk 2/4/2015

I slept until 8:00 today.  Well, I stayed in bed until 8:08.  It was glorious.  Until I realized my step-son had turned on the coffee pot at 5:30 and it went off at 7:30 which meant the coffee was cold when poured into my favorite mug.  I can’t stand cold coffee.  I gulped down a bit and fed the needy creatures also known as the horses, calf, daughter and chickens then decided to walk while the sun was showing its bright face.

Here is what I saw.

walk flowerSpring doesn’t care if the coffee is cold or not.  It’s cheery, dew-kissed faced greeted me within a few steps of my porch.

Stripe-Stripe also wanted to greet me.  And Spring.

walk chickenI think I was more impressed with the flowers than she.  She just wanted more scratch….

walk flowerGil-over-the-ground.  An all-time favorite flower of mine.  Sweet, shy and sly.  They sneak up in January then suddenly offer pops of purple everywhere!

These ladies are also near and dear to my heart….

walk flowerWho doesn’t love a daffodil?

walk flowerDetermined and Lovely.

Kinda like these little birds….

walk birdThey decided to have a block party….

walk birdwalk bird

A block party.

On a salt block.


I made a funny!

Sorry.  Easily amused here in Maydelle, Texas.

walk birdWho can spot the Mama Cardinal?

Pretty, isn’t she?

walk saltwalk moss

walk pondThere isn’t supposed to be a body of water here but alas……

walk pondHere she lies.

walk treeThis old pine died a few years ago but still stands tall.

I’ll miss her when she is gone.  Maybe she will grow some cool mushrooms we can see!

Thanks for joining me today!

Love ya’!


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