A Good Idea.

If you are searching for a really good idea, go fishing.  Fishing won’t help you find an idea necessarily but is simply a good idea in itself.  Especially when you have cute companions.

Addie fishingThe lake was still and the fish weren’t biting but that didn’t matter so much…..

pondThe mosquitoes were blissfully absent and while Addie’s chatter and constant demands of being in charge of the fishing poles was a tad bit annoying, it wasn’t enough to change the fact God gave us a lovely morning.

tree pondMimosa trees, a true Southern treat.

Addie fishingFishing.

Always a good idea.

Shoes optional.

3 thoughts on “A Good Idea.

  1. Addie is one cute kid! How could she possibly be annoying? Haha! I know! Been there done that! The Mimosa tree & beautiful dock picture were definitely not in the competition for the best picture of this post! Hope she caught one or two or three! Such memories a kid and her mommy are building! Beautiful! Oh that all kids had wonderful caring and loving parents like you and your husband!


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