Daddy Bird

Last Sunday I was attempting to be lazy and take a nap on the sofa when I heard all this horrid chirping outside the window.  Peeking out I saw not only a male cardinal but two wee fledglings.  I suppose the mother was taking a nap, as all mothers need to do upon occasion, so the Daddy took on lunch duty.

He would fly to the feeder, get a small grain in his beak……


Then hop down to the rail below, giving the grain to one of his children…..


Who quickly gobbled it up!


Thank goodness for Dad, otherwise mom might go crazy and we all might starve!


“We love ya’ Dad! Now can I PLEASE have some money?!?  And a car?  And an iphone?  And, and, and……..”

Happy Father’s Day, we love you and we need you!

Now, go call your dad.

5 thoughts on “Daddy Bird

  1. I have noticed with many species that dad gets kid duty once they can fly. The house finch dads are just starting to bring their kids to my feeder. Peep peep peep!! It is sure a ruckus!

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  2. That bird could teach all fathers to take on your responsibility and provide/support your wife and children! Thank God for great fathers and I was so blessed to be raised by one of the best! That’s my soapbox sermon for today! Great pictures!


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