Wicked Walk

Hello and Happy New Year to all my dear readers!  I hope your holiday season was blessed and stress-free.  If it wasn’t, I’m glad it’s over and let’s hope that 2016 is an improvement.  You probably saw on the news that last week, in Texas, we had 80 degrees and sunny weather on Friday.  On Saturday, it flooded.  On Sunday, tornados wiped out a good portion of the state.  Followed by blizzards and an ice storm.  So for many in the Lone Star State, there will be vast room for improvement in the New Year.

Thankfully, here we missed the tornados and ice.  However, the creeks and rivers and roads remain high and flooded in many areas.

Here are a few shots from the farm, nothing dramatic, thank God.

Here is what I saw.

walk post

A pine needle lodged in a fence post.

I told you it wouldn’t be dramatic.

This Sweetgum leaf was the last one on the entire tree.

Bless its heart.

The train trestle.

A bit impressive to see, if not dramatic.

walk train trestle

These leaves were neatly piled up by the massive amounts of water that flowed under the trestle.

walk leaves trestle

They were ankle deep.

Here is the creek, it finally decided to go back into its banks.

walk creek

Oh, look!  A hammer.

walk hammer

I wonder how long my husband has been searching for this……..

walk berries

Berries!  I love berries.

Here I present natures version of ‘The Scream’.

At least that’s how it struck me.

walk log hollow

Maybe it’s just me.

Oh look, another mushroom!

walk mushroom

And a whole wad of mushrooms!

walk mushroom

And.  Baby cows.

I also love baby cows.

walk calves

They love me back, but for totally different reasons.

I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll try and post on-time next week!

Thanks for walking with me today!


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