Wicked Walk 3/1/2016

March blew in, literally, 3 days ago.  Grabbing my camera in the late afternoon, I headed for the woods.  Which were quite windy.

Here is what I saw.

Spring flowers and clovers alongside hay from the Fall.

Such a contrast of color!

Choo-Choo Train Tracks.


I never noticed this before but I’m guessing the plates were made in the states which are stamped on them.

I thought that was kinda neat.

From Colorado and Tennessee to Maydelle, Texas!


I also find it fascinating how light is so beautiful and dirt, is well, dirt. But when dirt becomes dust and hits the light, they are both transformed into something stunning.

That’s my deep thought for the day.

Maybe even for the week.


Purdy Live Flower.


Purdy Dead Flower.


I love how the oak trees seem to be guarding this abandoned Air Stream.
On my way back home I noticed some deer had crossed my tracks.
I hate I missed them, maybe next time!
Thanks for walking with me today!


10 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 3/1/2016

  1. The ‘Purdy Live Flower’ photo is amazing – love the light in that image!
    I wish we had flowers already here, but it’s still very cold (this morning it started snowing a lot, it was so unexpected!)


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