Wicked Walk 6/2016

I posted on Saturday about last things.  I knew, almost without a doubt, this would be the last walk I took as a resident of Maydelle.  In the back of my mind, I tried to think I could squeeze in another one, but it wasn’t to be.

So.  Here it is.

My last walk as a Maydellian.

walk rooster

It started off as many others.  With me letting the chickens into the courtyard and Stripe-Stripes husband escaping.  There is no getting him back in either!

Bad Roo.

walk vine

Sweet Potato Vines, I have discovered, are my BFF in the plant world.  Here they are by my mailbox.  I adore them.


It was fairly early when I walked and dew still covered everything.  Even weeds look good in the morning light, covered in dew.

walk wire

You know, nothing stays the same.  I’ve been walking down this road almost 9 years, and the 140 acres sold last year and the fences are being rebuilt and trees are being cut, and everything just……changes.

It’s not bad.  I’m just, a bit slow.

I thought, however, since this was probably my last walk I should take the long route.  So I hung a left after crossing the old wooden bridge and suddenly slowed up.

And for once (my husband would be VERY proud), used my brain.

I thought, self.  Self, you shouldn’t walk thru this forest path because…..

A. Chiggers

B.  Snakes

C.  Thorny Vines

D. Chiggers

E. Snakes

F. G. H. I. J. K. ~


So, I used my super awesome adult brain and turned around to get back on the road and nearly stepped on this…..

walk frog

And before I realized it was a frog, I almost peed on myself.

I’m not as tough as I’d like to be….

walk dog

Nosey cares not for snakes, bugs or anything else. Nothing other than a cool puddle, a gentle pat and a full belly. She is a good dog.
walk dog
“Look Mama! I’m invisible!”

The rest of the walk went quickly,

walk flower

Flowers on Highway 84…..

walk garden
Squash in the Ezell’s garden……
walk road
Back up the road home……

Only to be greeted by Frogger’s tiny cousin, massive piles of red dirt and more flowers.
Thanks for joining me today!

Soon, new adventures!


6 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 6/2016

  1. Well, I sure have enjoyed the old walks! The dirt roads and one lane paths sure look inviting! I hope the new place has similar scenery! Like I wrote one time before, it sure surprised me that Texas has places that look so much like my places here in Jawjah! Just always thought of Texas as cactus, oil derricks, dust and scenes like the old westerns showed where many cowboys fought the bad guys on the big screen! We are blessed with beautiful woods and dirt roads that go through them! Take Me Home Country Roads! Now I’m gonna hum that all day! Looking forward to your new walks and finds!


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