Wicked Walk 1/14/2017

My first walk of 2017 was short and rather uneventful.  I had spent the morning planting shrubs, sanding various wooden objects and listening to Hair Bands on Pandora.  Some of the best advice I ever received was to go ahead and pay the 4.99 a month for commercial free radio.  It’s insanely better.

Anyway, I happened to be alone.  Like really, really alone.  My husband took both kids to Mississippi for THREE days to visit his folks.  I think he could sense the desperation in my voice and saw the pleading look in both eyes when I suggested I may stay behind, catch up on the house and stuff.  Not that I don’t adore my in-laws, however since the birth of my child, 8.5 years ago, I haven’t had more than 24 hours completely alone.  My husband and I have taken lots of trips together, just us.  But alone.  Me, by myself.  Never.

Twenty-seven hundred years ago, when I was married to my first husband, I spent LOTS of time alone.  He was an EMT and worked 24 to 48 hours shifts.  I’d get off work, free as a bird.  If I wanted to go eat, I could.  Grocery shopping?  No problem.  Take a 2 hour walk?  Easy Peasy.  Read until after midnight?  Sign me up!  I’ve always enjoyed my own company and am never bored.  As a home school mom, 4-H mom, music lesson mom, church mom, working mom and step-mom, I find myself interacting with people almost constantly.  It. Wears. Me. Out.

So last Friday, I packed their little bags, kisses and hugs to all, waved goodbye, then promptly went inside and did the happy dance.

I cleaned the house.  It stayed clean all weekend.  I cleaned my car, which also stayed toy and trash free, you guessed it!  All weekend.

I watched a movie in total silence.  I read 3 books, also in total silence.  I watched the Packer vs Cowboy game.  I picked up rocks in my new yard.  I planted shrubs, as noted above.  I went fishing.  I picked up trash on our lease place.  I had Merlot and macaroni for dinner.  Twice.  Peaches, my cat, totally approved of all activities and provided all the company I needed.

It was glorious.  And, it is also the only reason I’ve managed to blog this week.  Yay!

Here is what I saw.


I really like pinecones.  I just don’t like picking them up.  When I was little we had 3 enormous pine trees in the back yard, there was no grass, grass won’t grow under pine trees.  But there were tons of pine cones.  And it was my job to pick them up.  My mother used them to start fires in our wood burning stove.  I hated it.  (Love you Mom!)


This vine provided a pop of color in an otherwise drab landscape.



I haven’t seen one of these on a tree in forever.  Addie usually spots them first and proceeds to stick them on whoever happens to be standing nearest.  99 percent of the time, that’s me.


This sap was on the same tree.  It looked like it belonged in a cave somewhere, not on a tree in GlenFawn.


I’ll be glad when the lily pads are blooming again, they are so pretty when they do!


This sweetgum ball got stopped by a stick on its journey to the ground.  Then, some kinda centipede died on top of it.


The wild hogs have been at it again, I’d been meaning to dig up some of these bulbs from an old home site not far from where we are building.  They beat me to it.


They are so destructive!  Sigh.

Anyway, I headed back to the house to sit on my new porch and stare into space.  In silence.  Alone.


Thanks for walking with me today!

p.s.  I love my family, but everyone needs a break, ya’ know?

They are home, safe and sound.  And I am glad.


2 thoughts on “Wicked Walk 1/14/2017

  1. I can do well by myself also although I’m not one who would want to spend months alone! Shortly after retiring from Disney I was asked to finish the interior of a cabin in the NC mountains for a Disney attorney! At an elevation of 4500 feet hidden in the woods I was alone! After a week or two though I looked forward to going into town for supplies! Alone is good at times though!


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